Enterprise Resource Planning System

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ERP Modules

All the below mentioned modules can be found in our ERP system.

Billing and Invoicing

Whole inflow & outflow of money/capital is managed by finance module. This module keeps track of all account related transactions like expenditures, Balance sheet, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management etc. Financial reporting is easy task for this module of ERP.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM department is helps to boost the sales performance through better customer service & establishing the healthy relationship with customers. All the stored details of customer is available in CRM module.

Human Resource

Human Resource module helps to HR team for efficient management of human resources. HR module helps to manage employee information, track employee records like performance reviews, designations, job descriptions, skill matrix, time & attendance tracking.

Asset Management

Tracking and managing of Assets is an important task that ensures fool-proof security of essential Assets of a Company. Asset management system allows Organizations to monitor and manage tangible and intangible Assets in their network from planning to the disposal phases.


Typical sales process includes processes like Sales queries & enquiry analysis & handling, quotation drafting, accepting sales orders, drafting sales invoices with proper taxation, dispatch/Shipment of material or service, tracking pending sales order. All these sales transactions are managed by sales module of ERP.


Purchase module consist of functionalities like supplier/vendor listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, preparing GRNs(Good Receipt Notes) & updating stocks & various reports.

Supply Chain Management

SCM module manages the flow of product items from manufacturer to consumer & consumer to manufacturer. Common roles involved are manufacturer, Super Stockiest, Stockiest, distributors, retailers etc. SCM involves demand & supply management, sales returns & replacing process, shipping & transportation tracking etc.


We offers an advanced, comprehensive and automated Ticketing solution. It allows Support Agents to receive process and respond to the submitted Tickets. The Ticket management system enables an Organization to create their own Ticketing system to keep track of all issues. The Ticketing module can be used internally or with Customers who may have a Support issue.

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