Outsource Development Partners

We provide full stack development platform for custom software development to leading companies around the globe. As your outsourcing partner for software development we provide an efficient and fully scalable solution that helps you gain a competitive edge over your competition through a managed software outsourcing lifecycle: planning, global team selection, launch processes, and ongoing management.

ASP.NET Development

Our core competency lies in complete end - end management of any Website/Web application development project. Over these years we have developed the capability to produce zero defect solutions, by stringent Unit Testing approach. This way, we are able to save time on Quality Control and be one of the most productive members of larger projects.

Web Development

Our website development team recognizes the value of solid information architecture design and integrative branding that engages the customer from the very first visit at your site. Engagement with your customer is crucial to tying into their emotional connection to your site and developing loyalty. Behind great design lies website development that contains solid coding and web application design with targeted features that place your business at a competitive advantage.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is a paradigm which is here to stay. Enterprise mobile development is an inevitable reality that has to be embraced by businesses for long term survival. The industry trends make the decision to go mobile easy. But, how easy is it to actually implement a mobile solution for your company? The challenges in mobile development range from deciding on a business specific mobile strategy to implementing security measures before app distribution and everything in between.


The demand for Web development skills needed to design, build and deploy Software as a Service applications will continue to increase exponentially over the next several years as more and more companies seek solutions that work with and enhance the capabilities of the cloud. While traditional client/server applications essentially run on physical machines, whereas cloud services can, and often do, run on several different geolocated servers.

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing being at the heart of any modern day brand or business, digital marketing services have become an integral part of a successful marketing campaign or strategy. Zorbis is a leader in digital marketing, providing measurable and tangible results that meet the demands of today's consumer. Benefits from our customized web solutions designed around your business help you reach page one of Google search results.

Design Services

Web Design is the skill of creating presentations of content. Our award winning graphic artists and designers have been creating websites that are user friendly and engaging. Your website design is your image, and your image is in safe hands with us. Give us your requirements and we will handle the entire web design process for you. We give you an eye catching, custom website design that gives your business an advantage over your competitors.

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